Video to iPhone Converter Guide for Power Mode

Converting video files in Videora iPhone Converter is still pretty simple even when using Power Mode. To view a larger version of any of the screenshots, simply click on the screenshot desired.

If you have an internet connection present and are a novice user, we highly recommend you use Normal Mode to convert your videos. The guide below is intended for Power Mode (or offline) users only. If you are Normal Mode user, you should be reading our Video to iPhone Guide for Normal Mode.

Home Section - This is the first screen you see when you start up our video iPhone converter. To convert a video file, click the "Convert" main menu button [Upper Purple Box]. This will take you to the Convert Section of the program. Once you are there, click the "Video File" tab and you should see the next screenshot.

Conversely, you can click on the "Video File" link [Lower Purple Box] in the Home Section browser. This will take you directly to the "Video File" tab in the Convert Section.

Mode Selection - Videora iPhone Converter has two ways of converting videos, though Normal Mode, which can only be used when an internet connection is present, and through Power Mode, which can be used when both online or offline.

As explained in the screenshot, Normal Mode is for users that don't understand technical jargon and want an easy way to convert videos. On the other hand, Power Mode is for users who understand acronyms like MPEG-4, H.264, QVGA, VGA, Kbps, terms like 1 Pass, 2 Pass, AviSynth and want the ability to change every possible video conversion setting.

The remaining portions of this guide will explain how to convert videos in Power Mode. Normal mode users should read our Video to iPhone Guide for Normal Mode.

Click on the "Power Mode" box [Lower Purple Box] and you should see the next screenshot.

Select Video - Click the "Select File" button [Purple Box] to choose the video you want to convert. If you want to change the location of where your converted video will be located, click the "Browse" button. Once you have selected your video, you will be automatically taken to the next screenshot.

Start Converting - If you want to change the title of your converted video, edit the "Title" text box. If you want to access another device's profiles, change the "Device" combo box. Select the encoding settings you want by picking an existing or custom profile. (To create, edit or remove a Profile, see the bottom of this guide).

To start your conversion, click the "Start Converting" button [Purple Box]. Once you click the "Start Converting" button [Purple Box], you will be taken to the next screenshot.

Conversion In Progress - Now that you conversion has started, you can choose to either monitor the progress of your file being converted or you can select another video to be converted by following the same steps. By clicking the "View Conversion Progress" link [Left Purple Box], you will be taken to the next screenshot.

Conversion Progress - The "Progress" tab shows you how much of the conversion process is complete and how long the software estimates it will take to finish converting your video.

Check the "Show Conversion Details" checkbox to view all the details of the current conversion.

iTunes - Once the conversion is complete, the video will be automatically added to iTunes. To place the video on your iPhone, simply sync your iPhone with iTunes.

You're done! - You now know how to convert videos using our iPhone video converter. Although this guide may seem long, it only actually takes a few seconds to go through all the steps above.

Extra: Converting Multiple Files - You can convert multiple files (one after another) by simply following the steps above. You do not have to wait until the first conversion is complete, you can follow these steps while your first video is still converting.

If there is a conversion in progress then your video will be automatically added to the conversion queue seen in the "Progress" tab above. Once the software finish converting the current video, it will convert all remaining videos in the conversion queue.

Extra: One-Click Conversion - You can convert you videos in just one click by clicking the "One-Click Convert" button. After you select your file, your conversion will begin immediately and you will be taken to the Conversion In Progress page.

The software uses the default output directory, device and profile stored in the "Converter" tab of the Settings section to convert your video. The software will use the original filename as the title of your converted video.

Extra: Create, Edit and Delete Profiles - You can create, edit and delete enoding profiles by clicking on the "Settings" main menu button [Upper Purple Box] and clicking the "Encoding" tab [Middle Purple Box]. Select the profile you want by changing the "Device" combo box and the "Profile" combo box and then click on the "Edit Profile" button [Lower Purple Box].

This will open up the Profile window. From here you can change all the general, video and audio encoding settings. To save your changes click the "Ok" button.


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