Creating a Console Log Guide

The Console Log is a log of the conversion process and can usually help determine what is causing your conversion issues. If you are asking for help on the Forums, you must post a Console Log of your conversion or the forum community won't be able to help you. This guide will show you how to record a console log of your conversion and post it in the Forums.

Step 1

Click the "Convert" main menu button [Purple Box].

Step 2

Click on the "Console" tab [Upper Purple Box] and check the "Enable Console" box [Lower Purple Box].

Step 3

Start converting your video normally by clicking the "Video File" tab. For more instructions on how to convert your video normally, see the Video to iPod Guide.

Step 4

Once you have started your conversion, click the "View Conversion Progress" link [Purple Box].

Step 5

If an error message pops up, click ok. If your conversion is still going after 10 seconds, click the "Cancel" button [Purple Box] to end the Conversion.

Step 6

Click on the "Console" tab [Left Purple Box] and click the "Copy Console" button [Right Purple Box].

Step 7

Switch to your web browser and paste the text into your forum message using CTRL-V or right clicking your mouse and clicking the "Paste" option.


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