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iPod Video Converter Automation Guide - New version of ITVcasting guide updated for version 3 of our iPod video converter, iPod classic video converter, iPod nano video converter and iPod touch video converter.

iPhone Video Converter Automation Guide - New version of ITVcasting guide updated for version 3 of our iPhone video converter


There are tons of videos available for download from the internet. Unfortunately, most of it is likely unplayable on your device. Wouldn't it be cool if you could automatically download, convert and copy these videos to your device for later playback? Well now you can.

Welcome to the era of Internet TV Broadcasting. You can now automatically download video files to watch on your device, be it a PSP, iPod or TiVo, at your convenience.

Together, Videora + Videora Converter is an ITVCasting solution. Videora is used to automatically download video you want from the internet by utilizing BitTorrent and RSS technology. Videora Converter then automatically converts these videos into the video format that your device understands and can even automatically copy these videos to some of your devices.

Getting Started

First need to get yourself a copy of Videora (either the free trial or the full version). Included in Videora is an easy to use BitTorrent program called BitComet. You must use this as your BitTorrent client (or Azureus, see below) in order for you to ITVCast files. Videora installs BitComet by default.

Once Videora and BitComet are installed properly you need to find out your default download directory. You can do this by opening BitComet and going into the preferences section. Make a note of this directory.

Next, open up Videora Converter and click the Setup button to go to the Setup page. If you see a white X in a red box then Videora Converter cannot find your Videora installation. Find the directory you installed Videora to by clicking the Browse button. Once Videora Converter finds your Videora installation the red box and message will disappear and the remaining options in the ITVCasting box will be accessible.

To automatically convert the files you download, check the "Automatic Queuing" box and set the directory to the one you noted above, from BitComet, using the Browse button.

To automatically copy the files that Videora Converter converts to your device, check the "Automatic Copying" box. If Videora Converter can't find your device, it will queue the files to be copied. Once you connect your device back to your PC, Videora Converter will automatically copy everything in your queue.

Finally, click the "Save" button to save your settings. Now you are ready to start ITVCasting.

Additional Features

Although its not xCasting, you can also manually downloaded video and then have Videora Converter automatically convert and copy the video to your device. Simply copy or download your video to your default download directory (while Videora Converter is running) and Videora Converter will automatically find, convert and copy it.

Using Videora

Videora is a very easy to use. First subscribe to feeds that interest you. There are premade lists from other Videora users available on the front page for easy subscription (A).

Once that is done, downloading videos automatically is as simple as setting up a Season Ticket for what you are looking for (B).

If you want to see what videos Videora finds or manually download video, simply create a Watch List Item instead. The plus icon (C) indicates that Videora has found files, click it to see the list. To manually download video simply click on the file name (D).

Videora has a lot of other features too, all of which are well documented here.

Using Azureus

The only other BitTorrent client that is compatible with the Videora + Videora Converter xCasting solution is Azureus. First make sure Azureus is setup properly for for Videora by following these instructions. Then in the options section, check the "Move Completed Files" option and select a folder. This is you default download folder. To automatically convert the files you download, check the box beside "Automatic Queuing" and set the directory to the folder you just specified using the Browse button.