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You are on the wrong page. Please select from our list of Videora Converters to find the right link to learn more about the Videora Converter you are looking for.

The information below are for a completely different program called Videora Torrent RSS Reader (aka "Videora 2.0") that lets you automatically download video from the internet. The program below has nothing to do with the iPod or video conversion.

Features of Videora 2.0
  • Easy To Use - Just install, run and start searching
  • Search Websites - Search your favorite video sites within Videora
  • Watch Lists - Aggregate video (or any multimedia) that interests you for easy downloading
  • Season Tickets - Automatically download your favorite video (or any multimedia) without doing anything
  • RSS Feeds - Subscribe and view the RSS feeds Videora searches through
  • Downloads - Download files from the web directly within Videora
  • History - View what files were downloaded by Videora
  • Search Sites - Add your own websites to search from within Videora
  • Filters - Add your own custom filters to find and download video
  • Customize - Create your own custom filter options/li>