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The information below are for a completely different program called Videora Torrent RSS Reader (aka "Videora 2.0") that lets you automatically download video from the internet. The program below has nothing to do with the iPod or video conversion.

Support Center
Getting Started

Five simple steps to get Videora installed and working on your computer

User Guide

An illustrated guide explaining how to use all of the features in Videora


Have a question about Videora? The Answer you seek may be in here.

Supported BitTorrent Clients

Want to use a different BitTorrent client? A list of Videora supported BitTorrent clients is here.

Refund Policy

Refund policy for Videora software purchases.

End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement for Videora.

Support Forums

Web-based support and discussion forums for Videora. (NOT for Videora iPod Converter).

Contact Support

Bought Videora and are having problems getting it to work properly? Contact technical support.

iPod Support Forums

Support and discussion forums for Videora iPod Converter.