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ABC [Yet Another BitTorrent Client]


Author: Tim Tucker, Dustin Pate, Choopan Rattanapoka

Language: English

ABC [Yet Another BitTorrent Client] is a BitTorrent client programmed in Python. It is based on TheShad0ws experimental BitTorrent client and adds some critical features like multiple torrent queuing. Since it is written in Python, it should run anywhere Python runs which includes Windows.

ABC is not a Videora Supported BitTorrent Client after a fresh install. The following changes must be made to make it become a Videora Supported BitTorrent Client.

  1. Launch ABC
  2. Open the Preferences Window (click Action -> Preferences)
  3. Click on the Misc. Option
  4. Check "Set default download folder" item
  5. Make sure "Set default download folder" path is set