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Author: RnySmile

Language: Multiple

BitComet is a BitTorrent client programmed in C++ (STL) and is fast, stable and requires low CPU usage. It does not require Python libraries, a CLR or JVM to install. It was designed for international use and supports many languages. For these reasons, it was chosen to be the BitTorrent client that comes bundled with Videora. While the Videora Installer automatically sets BitComet to be Videora supported out of the box, we have included the instructions to do so manually anyways.

  1. Launch BitComet
  2. Open the Preferences Window (click Options -> Preferences or press CTRL+P)
  3. Click on the Task Option (Folder Icon)
  4. Make sure "Default Download Path:" is set
  5. Check "Do not prompt when add new task" item