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User Guide: BitComet


What is BitTorrent?

BitComet is a BitTorrent client programmed in C++ and is fast, stable and requires low CPU usage. It was designed for international use and supports many languages. For these reasons, it was chosen to be the BitTorrent client that comes bundled with Videora.

The Videora Installer automatically sets up BitComet to work with Videora, meaning that whenever Videora finds video to download, it will automatically start BitComet and begin download the file without user intervention. Files are always downloaded to the default directory specified in BitComet. This by default this directory is set to "C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads" and can be changed in the "Task" section of the BitComet "Prefrences" (Preferences icon or CTRL+P).

When a BitTorrent download starts, you will see it in the main list view. The information provided here is enough for most users. More advanced users may find the information presented below the main list view useful but most of it is beyond the scope of this simple user guide. The information in the "Summary" view may be useful to users and is self explanatory.

  • Name - Name of the file you are downloading
  • Size - The amount of space this file will take up on your hard drive
  • % - The percentage of how much of the file has been downloaded (out of 100%)
  • KB/s Dn - The speed of downloading the file in Kilobytes per second
  • KB/s Un - The speed of uploading the file in Kilobytes per second
  • Time left - The estimated time to completely download the file
  • Seed/Peer[all] - Indicates how many Seed and Peers you are connecting to, out of the total amount of seeds and peers
  • U/D Ratio - The ratio of how much you are uploading compared to how much you are downloading
  • Health - The health of the download
  • Status - The status of the download
  • Priority - The priority of the download

At anytime, you can pause or stop your download and then restart it again later without having to re-download the file. Simply click the "Start", "Pause" and "Stop" buttons whenever you need to.

To view all your downloaded files, simply select a file from the main list view and click on the "OpenDir" icon and BitComet will open a Windows Explorer window of your download directory.

To remove a file from the BitComet queue simply click the "Remove" button and then click the "Remove Task Only" menu item. If you want to remove a file from the BitComet queue AND delete the file from your hard drive, click the "Remove Task & All Files" menu item and click the ok button. Note: this will permanently delete the file off your hard drive and you will NOT be able to retrieve it from the recycle bin.

Uploading is an integral part of BitTorrent and the main reason why it BitTorrent is so popular. Because everybody is uploading, there is more bandwidth for downloading which equates to faster download speeds for all. Also BitTorrent rewards those who upload lots of data as your download speed is directly tied to the amount of data you are uploading on a per file basis. Even when you finish downloading, BitTorrent will continue to upload data until you tell it to stop. This is known as 'seeding'.

It's a good idea to seed files as it allows other people to download data off you giving them faster speeds. However you shouldn't seed every file you download as you will see your upload speeds drop for the new files you're downloading which will ultimately affect your download speeds. A good rule of thumb is to keep seeding files for 1-2 days after you finish downloading, this way you can help others out and you can also get better upload and download speeds for your files.

To stop seeding files simply click you the file you want to stop uploading and click the "Stop" Button. To remove the file completely from the queue simply click the "Remove" button and then click the "Remove Task Only" menu item.