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User Guide: Settings

The Settings section allows users to tap directly into the core features of Videora. It is meant for advanced users only and modifying any part of it will change how Videora operates.

In the Settings section there are 3 tabs:

  1. Configuration - Configure Videora settings and add/edit/delete Search Sites
  2. Filters - Add/Edit/Delete downloading filters
  3. Customize - Add/Edit/Delete Option Box data

Basic Questions

What are Filters?


For more details on what Filters do in Videora, please consult the What is an Filter? FAQ Question.

Filter Options

The "Feed:" combo box allows you to select which feed you want to search through for your filter text. This can also be set to All which makes Videora search every feed you are subscribed to for your filter text.

The "Filter (#):" text boxes are the actual text you are looking for when searching through RSS feeds. The contents of this box can be in english or regular expressions. Videora features two filters for maximum matching capability. By default Videora will put a "." in Filter (2). If you do not plan on using Filter (2) leave the "." there as this tells Videora to ignore Filter (2).

The "Mode (#):" combo boxes allows you to tell Videora whether you want to download video if you get a Filter match ("Pass") or use reverse logic and download videos when you DON'T get a Filter Match ("Fail").

If the "Filter is a Regular Expression" box is not checked, Videora will automatically convert the text in the Filter (1 and 2) text boxes into a regular expression.

If the "Filter Searches Title" box is checked, Videora will search all RSS title tags for the filter text you specified.

If the "Filter Searches Link" box is checked, Videora will search all RSS link tags for the filter text you specified.

How-to: Add a new Custom Filter

You can also create your own custom filters, which will not show up the the Watch List or Season Tickets section and will automatically download any video which matches the provided regular expressions. Simply click the "Add Filter" button, set the options to what you want and click the "Apply" button.

How-to: Edit an existing Filter

Simply select the Filter you want to edit from the listview, make your changes to the appropriate boxes and click the "Apply" button.

Note that you cannot change the name of any filter that is associated to a Watch List item or a Season Ticket.

How-to: Delete an existing Filter

Simply select the Filter you want to delete from the listview and click the "Remove Filter" button.