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Videora Supported BitTorrent Clients

By default, Videora comes with a preconfigured, bundled BitTorrent client which is supported out of the box by Videora. This page outlines what other BitTorrent clients are compatible with Videora, if you wish to use another client. If you are unfamiliar with BitTorrent or you are just starting out, we recommended that you use the bundled software, as the user guide was written specifically for that client only and will not be rewritten. This document is for advanced users only.

In order for Videora to function as intended, that is automatically download videos without user-intervention, a Videora supported BitTorrent client must be used. A Videora supported BitTorrent client is defined as the following:

Any BitTorrent client that associates itself with the file extension *.torrent, lets you specify a default download directory and has the functionality to queue multiple unique BitTorrent downloads.

Not every client adheres to these rules. There are however, many clients that are supported by Videora and they are outlined below.

Unfortunately, almost all of the supported clients listed below require the enabling of features to become fully Videora supported, as some of the required features are not turned on by default.

Videora Supported BitTorrent Clients