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Contact Support

Contact Technical Support through our Support Forums

Technical support can only be obtained through our web-based support forums. You will need to register before you can post a message to the forums, but registration is not required to read existing messages. Technical Support for Videora is for paying customers only.

To access the support forums click here.

Forum Guidelines

To receive fast, accurate help, please follow these guidelines when posting to the forum.

Always make sure to:

  1. Check the frequently asked questions page before posting. Your question may be already answered in there.
  2. Never post questions unrelated to Videora in the official support forums.
  3. Use descriptive subjects for your posts. Titles such as "Videora doesn't work!", "Feature Request" and "Bug Report" do not provide any information on what your message is about.
  4. Stay on topic when replying to existing messages.

When Posting Bug Reports:

  1. Include the version of Videora, Windows and Internet Explorer that you are using, and state if you are using purchased version of Videora.
  2. Provide steps to reproduce the problem. If the bug involves an error message, copy the exact text of the error into your post.
  3. If the problem occurs with a specific feed, include the URL of the feed in your message. Also make sure the feed isn't causing the problem itself by checking it with the Feed Validator.

When Posting Feature Requests:

  1. If someone else has already posted the same request, please simply reply to the original post instead of creating multiple posts of the same request.
  2. Include the version of Videora you are using